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freevoxtouch in zwart en wit

Freevoxtouch, the first truly portable device!

Request your extra language fileMore than a watch, very nicely designed with advanced technology. So what is it?

FreevoxTouch is a smart watch. This means that in addition to a speaking watch function for both blind and sighted, the FreevoxTouch is a memorecorder, a music player, and a stopwatch / countdown timer. All controlled through a touch screen and working on an Android operating system.

Everything is pronounced, or not .. that you determine yourself. Easily set your alarm, select 4 buttons in the corners of the screen or large buttons through which you can swipe. Change your high contrast settings or turn the screen off when you are not using it. Take memos "on the go" and save them in one of four folders. Connect your headphones and listen to your favorite music. The FreevoxTouch also tells you what time it is. Really a useful tool.

In the near future more applications for FreevoxTouch will be developed. Think of a daisy player or navigation system. The FreevoxTouch can even be used as storage if you need to carry documents. Your USB stick on your wrist and all in a very trendy designed watch! Come and see for yourself! The FreevoxTouch is coming this fall.



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